Call Plus
A typical PABX consists of a set of external phone lines, a computer server system that manages call switching, a set of internal phone lines and some form of console for manual control. Our PBX Call Accounting programs is intended for call calculations, billing control, and for complex statistic analysis of phone activity.
Main Features
 Higher Security System
 Multi Phone Service Provider
 User Define Country & Phone Code
 User Define CO-Line By Phone Service Provider
 Define Extension No. Phone Service Provider
 Multi Phone Service Provider
 Define Room Types For(Hotel,Apartment,Office,Shoping Mall And Other...)
 User Define Room
 Multi Extension No. For Specific Room
 Last Call Number (Call Type,Location,Duration ,etc...)
 Call Monitor
 Multi Currency
 User Profile

Calculation Method
 By Time,Date And Month
 By Multi RoomNo,Single Room
 By Multi Extension No.,Single Extension No.
 Pre Calculated Phone Bill
 Simple Calculated Phone Bill
 Re-Calculate Phone Bill

 Prepaid Phone Bill
 Receive Phone Bill
 Archive Alert
 Archive Data
 Delete Phone Bill
 Delete Phone Call

 Many Simple and Useful Reports

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