Res Pro
Restaurant System is easy to use, full of the features a restaurant uses many times every day, and is very affordable. Restaurant System is restaurant pos software that can be used in any type of restaurant or bar. Restaurant software should help make order entry easier, make customers happier and help build a restaurant business. Restaurant System does all these and more!
Master Setup
 Branch Profile
 Warehouse Location
 Restaurant Station
 Table List

Curry Control
 Ingredient Detail
 Curry Ingredient Link

Inventory Control/Purchase Orders
 Purchase Orders
 Receiving Inventory
 No Size Limits
 Outstanding list From Supplier

 Easy To Use Interface
 Fast Looups
 Reservation Table
 Table Transfer
 Sales Promotion
 Standard Discount
 Suspended Sales
 Sale Registration (Credit/Prepayment/Cash)

 Customer Quick Search
 Credit Limits
 Detailed Client History

 Employee Management
 Employee Time Clock

 Receive Prepayment (by Customer)
 Receiving Credit (by Customer / Sale Voucher)
 Credit by Customer
 Outstanding List by Customer
 Currency Control
 Payment Type
 Pay In-Out Type
 Cash Registration
 Cash Denomination

System Utilities
 User Authority
 Access Control
 Password Change
 Purge Transaction
 Data Backup
 Item Serach
 Year End Closing

 Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Sales Reports
 History Of Daily Sales totals
 Stock Adjustment by Date
 And More...

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