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This version of the Point Of Sales System for Windows is a true 32-bit program that runs in Windows 9x,NT,Windows 2000 Professional or Windos XP. This software does inventory, invoicing, customer tracking, accounts receivable, reordering, purchasing and much more.
Point Of Sale
 Easy To Use Interface
 Fast Lookups
 Sales Promotion
 Suspended Sales
 Standard Discount
 Sales Return
 Staff Timeclock

Inventory Control/Purchase Orders
 Purchase Orders
 Receiving Inventory
 No Size Limits
 Customer Orders
 Inter-store Transfers

 Fast Payment and Reprinting Options
 Client Oriented Displays
 Monthly statements and late charges

 Customer Quick Search
 Credit Limits
 Detailed Client History
 Sorts By Purchase Date

 Employee Management
 Employee Time Clock

 Account Payable
 Account Receivable
 Check Reconciliation
 General Ledger Entry
 General Ledger Income Statement
 General Ledger Account
 Bills Entry
 Pay Bills

System Utilities
 User Authority
 Access Control
 Password Change
 Purge Transaction
 Data Backup
 Item Serach
 Year End Closing

 Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Sales Reports
 History Of Daily Sales and POS totals
 Stock Details Reports
 And More...

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